All the facets of Cannonau: the final

All the facets of Cannonau: the final

We have now reached the end, having started with more than 150 wines, more or less the entire high quality production of Grenache variety. I will immediately say that the...

All the facets of Cannonau: the last head to head

All the facets of Cannonau: the last head to head

  Vigne Surrau Cannonau di Sardegna Riserva Sincaru 2009 Typical and varietal nose, a classic interpretation of Cannonau. The taste confirms the good impressions, it lacks slightly...

50 Special Kalò

50 Special Kalò

Story has it that Ulysses, during his Mediterranean voyages, asked to be tied to the mast of a ship to resist the seductive and equally fatal call of Partenope. Always certain of her...

Chianti Classico, the soul of Sangiovese

Chianti Classico, the soul of Sangiovese

It's known that Sangiovese is an excellent interpreter of the territory, a vine variety capable of deciphering soils and climates with precision and personality. If in Montalcino...

"Ai Marmi" in Trastevere you can eat pizza like a roman citizen

If you say “Obitorio”, possibly the Roman way with two Bs, you can rest assured that everyone in Trastevere understands that you are talking about a historic...


All the facets of Cannonau: the first head to head

Spaghetti Junction - The Italian Championship of Grenache starts: after the presentation of the tournament, starts with the knockout with the first part of the head to head after the selection of the best 32 w[...]

At the Table

At the Povero Diavolo (Poor Devil). Piergiorgio Parini's cuisine , the territory through a contemporary still.

Alessandro Bocchetti - Here I am once again climbing this section of the Apennines that looks down towards the Adriatic Sea. It's obvious that one is unlikely to end-up in Torriana by accident, you must want to come, deci[...]


All the facets of Cannonau

Maurizio Valeriani -     All the facets of Cannonau: the Italian Championship of Grenache After the interesting experiment of the National Championship of Fiano wines we have decided to focus on another vin[...]

Bar counters

360° in Athens to have a great drink

Luigi Benedetti - After A for Athens, our Athenian barfly continues with Danilo Lorenzi and, having crossed Monastiraki Square at the rhythm of tsiftetéli, we climb the stairs that lead to the 360[...]


Coromandel. At a stone's throw from Piazza Navona the right place for a relaxed breakfast

Chiara Gargioli -         Coromandel is a small venue at a stone's throw from Piazza Navona in Rome. It's the ideal place if you are looking for a rich and tasty breakfast in an intimat[...]



Giorgio Melandri - «I have had the privilege to grow up during a cultural revolution. And music was a part of it. Maybe I've been nothing but a pawn, but I'm happy to have contributed to change somethi[...]

Italian Landscape

Game of chess with eel. La Zanzara, the Bison family and Po delta. 2/2

. Fruttero & Lucentini (con tante scuse agli originali) -         The Queen: The undisputed queen of this territory is here, Her Majesty the eel that after a very long journey spends placid years in salty water basins, despite not [...]

At the Table

Osteria Tutto Qua: a wine bar and restaurant in the heart of Rome's Monteverde.

Chiara Gargioli -         The Osteria Tutto Qua, in the Monteverde neighbourhood, is a small establishment created by Renato Grossi and Ivano Viali's passion.  “Tutto Qua!”[...]


A Faenza Tutti Pazzi in Città 2014

A Faenza Tutti Pazzi in Città 2014

Mille campanili, piazze, profumi, dialetti, volti e gesti, questa è l’Italia, il fascino delle sue notti e dei suoi paesaggi. Per troppo tempo ce ne siamo...

Brunello di Montalcino: test su strada dell'annata 2009

Brunello di Montalcino: test su strada dell'annata 2009

A un paio di mesi da “Benvenuto Brunello”, andiamo a visitare cantine significative – in alcun casi storiche – di Montalcino per capirci qualcosa in...

Il faut cultiver notre jardin: Candide et Cacambo dans le pays des Heterodoxes (2/2)

Il faut cultiver notre jardin: Candide et Cacambo dans le pays des Heterodoxes (2/2)

  L’indomani Candide e Cacambo (la o è accentata) si svegliarono un po’ affaticati, molto assetati e con un discreto appetito. Fatta scorta di vettovaglie, dopo...

L'antica città di ALTILIA: La Grande Bellezza lungo il Tratturo

L'antica città di ALTILIA: La Grande Bellezza lungo il Tratturo

  Nessuna indicazione segnala lungo il "Tratturo Regio Candela - Pescasseroli" (211 km) la presenza della città di Altilia, l'antica città romana di...

Il faut cultiver notre jardin: Candide et Cacambo dans le pays des Heterodoxes (1/1)

Il faut cultiver notre jardin: Candide et Cacambo dans le pays des Heterodoxes (1/1)

    Questo è il resoconto di come il fotografo Candide e lo scrittore Cacambo furono inviati dal Marchese Pangloss nella Terra degli Eterodossi, vissero innumerevoli...

Valeria Alberti

Having completed an economics degree and a master in marketing and communication, Valeria started working in the marketing department of a wine producer in the northern Italian Veneto region, but her real passion for food and wine started turning her attention. She decided to fully immerge in this world thanks to a master in marketing and communication at the Città del Gusto (City of Taste) of Gambero Rosso in Rome, which was followed by a work experience in the commercial division. She is currently in charge of marketing and communication for a company in the food industry, a role that allows her to travel and sample Italy’s culinary delicacies.

Giuseppe Amato

Born in Rome 33 years ago, he has always lived in Turin. He loves travelling the world getting lost in markets while searching for spices, fruit and street foods. When it's time to eat, nothing gets in his way and he passes with enthusiasm from haute cuisine to extreme experiences such as crickets or other uncommon food goods. A Sommelier diploma, a number of cooking and beer and cheese tasting courses, complete the picture of a person who loves eating and drinking well... at every latitude!

Giulio Francesco Bagnale

He has three puzzled children and a patient wife, the rest comes and goes in front of his astonished gaze. He has lived places and met people and cannot believe he hasn't finished doing so yet. He is certain he owns a bicycle, but it might well be an astrolabe. Yesterday is was a pretzel, from Thailand.

Luigi Benedetti

Luigi Benedetti started his career in a famous Roman wine shop: this was square one of his journey in the vast world of food and wine, with a focus on the derivation of wines also thanks to his acquaintance with some of the most renowned wine experts. His other passion are cocktails: having met Antonio “the Professor” Parlapiano, he raised a very personal bridge between two different and yet connected worlds, continuing his quest of drinking well. It's not important to know what venues are hip at the moment, likelihood is Luigi has already been a client of that bar.

Alessandro Bocchetti

A life spent between biceps at the counter and abdominals at the table. He started in the flamboyant 1980s by skiving off school aged 15 and going to the “Dodici Apostoli” restaurant and ended up describing food and wine for Italy’s main printed and online publications.

Alfredo Chiarappa

Photographer and filmmaker, I love to think of food as a way of describing myself.
Sara De Bellis

From Rome. Born in 82. Web writer, food photographer, event manager, today and always refreshing passion to cook. Degrees in Arts and master degree in Communication and Journalism Food and Wine with Gambero Rosso. Among the many obstacles, life has been generous and allowed me to make my natural inclinations in real job, amalgamating with care and perseverance until the dough is smooth and compact. For this reason, and for some other occupations that I'm not going to list here, I often find myself embarrassed to define what is for me the world of food and gastronomy to those who casually asks me: which is your job?

Gianni Ferramosca

He loves art and vegetable gardens. Originally from Campania, but spent all his life in Puglia, he lives in the piece of land in between these two regions, between two souls, straddled between the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian Seas.
Lawrence Fort

Born in Italy from English parents, he has spent most of his life in the countryside of the Lazio Region, among the marbles of Rome and on Brighton's beaches. He enjoys cooking Anglo-Italian fusion dishes for his friends and prefers going out to a trattoria than to gourmet restaurants.

. Fruttero & Lucentini (con tante scuse agli originali)

Alberto "Pocy" Rinieri and Guendalina Mantovani were born 1979. In other words, The Wall and Pink Floyd, Unknown Pleasures and Joy Division, Higway to Hell and AC/DC, Rust Never Sleeps and Neil Young, Joe’s Garage and Frank Zappa, London Calling and The Clash, Kinotto and Skiantos. Alien, Apocalypse Now, Cicciolina amore mio, Brian of Nazareth, The Warriors, Manhattan, Midnight Express, Quadrophenia. Sid Vicious, Pol Pot, Reza Pahlavi, Khomeini, Andreotti, Pecorelli, the Red Brigades, Mrs. Thatcher, "signora Libertà, signorina anarchia" (mrs. Freedom, miss. Anarchy).

Grazie al cielo ho una bocca per bere e non è facile grazie a te ho una barca da scrivere, ho un treno da perdere.

(Thank God I have a mouth for drinking and it's not easythanks to you I have load to write, a train to miss.) 

Chiara Gargioli

Chiara is Roman and an AS Roma supporter. Aged 10 she had very clear ideas: she was going to write a book. Aged 35 she’s yet to write it, but in the meantime she has completed a literature degree; attended a screenplay master at RAI; worked for eight year at La7; collaborated with sport newspapers and radios; created the blog Tacco12, where sports and lifestyle are discussed and new talents interviewed. For many years Chiara also worked in her family’s restaurant, where she learnt to appreciate food and wine. She loves chocolate, JK Rowling and her partner. Her dream is to travel around the world, obviously with her beloved shoes packed in her suitcase.
Andrea Grignaffini

Born in Parma in 1963, he started off collaborating with Gino Veronelli, his mentor, on “Buone Cose” and on articles for Etichetta. He created the cult magazine “Torpedo”, which he continued to supervise after it became an insert of the magazine “Monsieur”. He collaborates with “Monsieur” and “Spirito diVino” (creative director) and taught Critical Tasting Methodology first at the University of Parma and then at the San Raffaele University in Milan. He’s a member of the executive directorate of the Guida Ristoranti dell’Espresso, as well as a wine and food consultant and member of the technical-scientific committee on wine courses at ALMA, the International School of Italian Cuisine. He also contributes to the Gazzetta di Parma. Co-author of the Enciclopedia del Vino (Dalai Editore), he was awarded the second prize at the Premio Bancarella Cucina for his work “Nella Dispensa di Don Camillo” and has won the Luigi Veronelli prize as best journalist. He is assistant-scriptwriter with Taodue for the TV series “Benvenuti a Tavola”: together with Pietro Valsecchi he was in charge of writing the series’ recipe book. In 2012 he created and organized the Best Italian Wine Awards prize.
  La Strana Coppia

Alessandro Bocchetti and Andrea Sponzilli

Nicola Massa

Italian, born in 1975, he has been living in Brazil for many years where he promotes made in Italy products related to food and wine thanks to initiatives that involve local sector experts. Dynamic and passionate, he's never too tired to travel the world to see for himself and closely learn about the local culture of the place he is visiting. Curious by nature, he loves the simplicity of everyday life: the one of markets and city squares, of trattorie, of taverns, where he always goes to try to see first-hand in order to fully absorb the vitality conveyed by these places.

Giorgio Melandri

Born in the Romagna area of Italy, he’s 48 years old, has a wife from the Adriatic coast and 3 children: Livia, Pietro and Elettra. Giorgio is a full-time "wine and food writer" and the curator of Enologica, the most important wine and food event in the region of Emilia-Romagna. In his career he has collaborated with Luigi Veronelli, Slow Food Editore and Gambero Rosso. Wine is his main interest, but he is also passionate about olive oil and productive chains. Restaurants are the last stage, the synthesis of an investigation that starts with nature and arrives, many miles down the road, at your table. The guiding principle of all his activity is “language”, meaning everything that comes after good.

Stefania Monaco

Stefania Monaco was born in Calabria and has a punk character. (Everything and now. I’ve changed idea. I’m not very interested in the future, I’m interested in now).
She dreams of pacifism, but wants to take part in a revolution.
She is intolerant of people who don’t have a fine palate or a good sense of taste; for the quality of food, for the message it contains, she stays well clear of un-tempting tables and, as far as music is concerned, clear of the San Remo Festival.
She is very aware that if one million people from the Southern region of Calabria were taken to the Northern region of Veneto and one million from Veneto were taken to Calabria the situation in Italy might improve.
In the meantime she makes friends and observes the people of the Veneto region. She is in love with a guy from the Lucania area, who she rescued on the road to Damascus (he was buying food at a discount supermarket).
Her mother is part from Emilia, part Austro-Hungarian, her father is part from Calabria and part from Puglia, but she lives in Rome with a piece of heart still in her native Castrovillari.

Bruno Petronilli

Milanese, born in 1966, wine and food journalist, Inter supporter and with an unrestrained passion for Fulvio Pierangelini's cuisine (where he once ate lunch and dinner for 5 consecutive days), as well as for that of Mauro Uliassi, for the great wines of Burgundy, of the Moselle, of Wachau and for the most aristocratic Champagne bubbles.
His journalism career started in 1992 as a cinema critique. Then gluttony took the upper hand and convinced him to specialize in wine and food. This was the start of a long journey.... and his most important milestones are his contributions to the bimonthly Spirito di Vino and the monthly Monsieur, where he has always collaborated, together with a long militancy at L'Espresso (Restaurant Guide). He's Editorial Director of the online guide Passione Gourmet and of Magazine Live In. In his current home, Umbria, he coordinates the website and the upcoming Gusto24 of
Guido Rizzuti

He was born in Potenza, Basilicata, in 1992. Having moved to Milan, he went to the Scientific Technological High School, where he discovered a passion for photography. He soon understood that this was the career he wanted to pursue and having finished school he signed-up at the Italian Institute of Photography, where he graduated in 2013. During his years as a student he collaborated with a top-end cuisine magazine and, perhaps influenced by the genes of his chef father, he became passionate about the immense world of food.

Lorenzo Sandano

Born in 1991, Lorenzo was overcome by an overwhelming passion for the world of gastronomy during an enlightening trip to Barcelona, when he was nearing his 18th birthday. Since then he has been heading off to wherever he can get to on his student budget, seeking new tables, products and flavours to write about on blogs, internet and sector magazines (even well-known ones). His fiery and enthralling gourmet attitude characterizes his life and work.

Andrea Sponzilli

Andrea Sponzilli was born on the 21st of June 1981 and lives in Rome. He’s an atypical industrial engineer with a strong passion for the Italian landscape that has induced him to permanently occupy his time with food and drink, products and artisan know-how of Italy. Among his interests, aside from an unrestrained use of knives and forks, are photography and cooking, both of traditional dishes and of his own creations.

Paolo Trimani

Paolo Trimani was born among the counters of a wine shop from a family that in Italy is synonymous with wine. He has always been tasting and for some time he has been writing: understanding where one finishes and the other commences is not easy, while understanding his popular and cultured narrative is extremely easy.

Maurizio Valeriani

Born in 1969, from Rome but with Sardinia in his heart, he has been writing about about food and wine for over 15 years. He teaches at O.N.A.V. and has been a Member of the Jury of the Concours Mondial of Bruxelles since 2012. He has collaborated and collaborates with national wine and restaurant guides and with an international Oil guide. He has an almost religious approach with blindfolded tasting(he even does them alone by covering a number of wines and tasting them after a few months).