Autore: "Luigi Benedetti"

360░ in Athens to have a great drink

After A for Athens, our Athenian barfly continues with Danilo Lorenzi and, having crossed Monastiraki Square at the rhythm of tsiftetéli, we climb the stairs that lead to the 360   [...]


Athens, cocktail with a view of the Parthenon

Here's our first barfly! I flew to Athens with Danilo Lorenzi (an enthusiastic amateur mixologist) and went to A for Athens, an amazing venue: the view from its terrace takes your breath away witho   [...]


Barfly, a style of life

Many of you will probably remember a film dating back to 1987 starring Mickey Rourke, who played Henry Chinaski, the alter ego of writer Charles Bokowsky  who in this autobiographic portrayal s   [...]