Autore: "Lorenzo Sandano"

Civitella del Tronto, a citadel suspended in time, is home to Hotel Zunica 1880

The Hotel Zunica 1880 is witness to how Daniele Zunica wanted a restaurant that merged contemporary cuisine while respecting tradition. The fourth generation to manage the family hot   [...]


La Gatta Mangiona: the pizza gourmet ground-breaking is in Rome.

Neapolitan pizza or Roman Pizza? Which is best and, more to the point, where does one go to eat it? The solution is somewhere in between and can be found in Rome's Monteverde neighbourhood, in a v   [...]


The Osteria Bottega in Bologna. The emotional table of Daniele Minarelli.

Bologna's name alone is enough to bring back to mind rich feasts of traditional dishes, while taking shelter under the comforting porticoes. And right here, under one of these porticoes above susp   [...]