Spaghetti Junction is a posse of journalists and people passionate about food and wine, but especially passionate about Italy, drawn from diverse experiences and areas of communication (magazines, restaurants and wine guides, fairs, events. etc.). We all identify ourselves in an account of a better Italy described thanks to its territories. An account that narrates its faces, voices, gestures, the products of the people who live and bring these territories to life. An account that looks at these territories with the passion of the people who live them as their own, but also with the eye of someone looking at them for the first time and that fully preserves the surprise and marvel of the first discovery. The enchantment of admiring for the first time. For this reason we want to talk about this better Italy with travellers: to those who travel to Italy with their heads full of sounds, flavours, smells and lights, and come here to admire for the first time, but also to all those people that have not lost the magic of admiring for the first time, as they are unable to lose it.

Spaghettijunction.it, is an English term that indicates a road junction in which various roads overlap, so many they mix.... like a plate of spaghetti. We chose it with the idea of being a junction in which accounts and travellers meet, to then start off again searching for other accounts and travellers. Spaghettijunction.it is an online magazine that is published simultaneously in Italian and English, because we believe that our territories and country need to talk to us, but especially need to start talking with the rest of the world.